About – Francesco Bonino

I got into photography a few years ago after I bought myself a digital compact camera and started taking non professional  pictures; the results I was achieving, though, were not what  I expected. I then started reading technical handbooks, and studying the works of great masters and I went to many exhibitions. But most of all I shot and shot… mindful of a famous aphorism by Henri Cartier Bresson: “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”

I’ve been lucky enough to get in touch with famous photographers and international agencies – Magnum, VII, Parallelo Zero – through public meetings and workshops.

francesco bonino

I bought and changed many devices, I got to have almost everything to then realize I needed almost nothing.

Sometimes I also use a smartphone  because I think one needs to capture what impresses us with any available tool. I get excited by pictures that catch the perfect moment, from landscape to portrait or sports.

I adore street photography, social and travel reportage and portraits. I prefer spontaneity and that’s why my favorite subjects are kids.


Please feel free to contact me at: info@francescobonino.com or on http://www.facebook.com/francesco.bonino.81